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Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Review PCMag

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, under Magix's auspices, has made some moves in the right direction, but it's still got a long way to go to catch up with its more up-to-date competition, especially in.

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Review PCMag
Capture what’s important in your life, and turn it into a video that truly tells your story. the fundamentally new Movie Studio offers a smooth editing experience with the most powerful video engine developed by MAGIX. Ground breaking new GUI, Creative effects and an intuitive interface - professional video production for everyone. Simplicity is the key to creating great videos quickly: From drag & drop media import and helpful wizards to exploring the infinite creative features, Movie Studio 2022 lets you work faster, regardless if you’re a beginner or an advanced user. Paired with the intuitive interface, the powerful Infusion Engine will additionally speed up your creative process, thanks to incredibly fast import and export times. Enjoy a smooth editing workflow, while taking full control of your footage! Discover more Easily import media recorded on any device with simple drag and drop. Explore useful templates with many options, and find all the features you could wish for in an elegant, unified workflow: From producing your own soundtrack, 2D and 3D animations to final touches with integrated colour grading. Movie Studio 2022 lets you tell your story in the most powerful way, regardles if you just share it with your family and your friends, or with the whole world. Discover more Your fully customizable workspace adapts to your preferences and gives you everything you need at a glance - making the most of your individual screen setup. Effortlessly explore a large toolbox full of creative features for transitions, effects, titles, sound design, graphics, animations and so much more: Adjust colour, stabilize shaky images or apply layer masks with simple, yet effective options - including an impressive wizard for whenever you need perfect results in a blink of an eye. The engine that powers Movie Studio builds on native hardware support for graphics cards by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. The result is instant and seamless previews without annoying proxy files or time-consuming rendering. Geting your work ready for sharing has never been that easy. Optimize your films for You Tube, Instagram or any other platform. Instantly transform your video to vertical or square formats, and chose from a large selection of templates, filters, effects - so many options to inspire your most creative posts!The last time I took a look at Vegas Movie Studio, the product was under the banner of Sony. However matters have changed as Sony has undergone a process of divesting itself of some of its software and hardware kit. In 2016 MAGIX, the well-known German development house took over some of Sony software offerings including VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum product which is the subject of this next review. This new addition to the MAGIX product portfolio consists of four main elements. Along with the title offering of VEGAS Movie Studio 14, you get New Blue VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum, DVD Architected and Music Maker. I must admit to being slightly surprised that MAGIX had taken the decision to retain the original installations for the VEGAS offerings rather than use the installation routine used for the rest of its software titles such as its own Music Maker offering. Whether it was to blame or not, this combination of installation routine turned out to be rather time consuming process. Icons are placed on the desktop for VEGAS Movie Studio and Music Maker. VEGAS Movie Studio opens with a rather busy interface that is overlaid with a window offering a choice of creating a new movie, viewing various tutorials that are Power Point in appearance without any commentary, plus continuing an already created project. Tutorials found with other MAGIX titles did have spoken commentaries making me think that MAGIX’s input with VEGAS Movie Studio was limited to say the least. The VEGAS underlying interface is made up of a mixture of windows, panes and elements. There is a track header that, by default, has two video and three audio tracks. Other elements include a timeline with its own tool bar, time display and status area, Explorer window with a directory tree plus various tabs to bring up transitions, video FX, and media generator to mention just some. While reasonably well organised, I do get the impression that the program’s developers are targeted VEGAS Movie Studio at the more professional user rather than an enthusiastic amateur who wishes to create and edit their own movies. Following a three year gap between this and the previous version of the product, the developers of VEGAS Movie Studio have introduced a number of new and enhanced features to this latest version. The VEGAS Movie Studio 14 interface is one such area. It can be customised by the user to create an environment arrangement that is suitable for particular tasks such as audio recording or adding a vignette effect to a scene. Up to four separate cameras can be integrated into a single timeline event. This will allow multi-cam editing for those with access to several cameras during scene captures. With this feature you can select takes and switch between views supplied by individual cameras either during pauses or live during playback. Those who have access to a Hi-DPI monitor will be pleased to hear than support has been added to VEGAS Movie Studio for this type of display. You can now upload completed movies direct to various social media sites for sharing with others. Providing you have an appropriate account, you can upload content to Vimeo, Facebook and You Tube thus allowing others to appreciate your work. As well as uploading content, you can create DVD and Blu-ray disks. Tools are available to add controls to play/pause, navigate menus plus add surround sound and impressive titles. Other new features include Hover Scrub, enabled by default, to speed up the editing process for certain tasks and a vignette video effect that can add a border with a soft fade into backgrounds. An improved RAM preview feature can be used to cache any video frames that can not be rendered in real time. As this is the Platinum version of VEGAS Movie Studio, some bonus items have been included. Giving you access to various special effects, transitions and templates is New Blue FX while Music Maker is MAGIX’s own developed tool for creating your custom music and audio to suit your movie with loops, software instruments and even your own voice. VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum is more suited to the experienced user. Plenty of features are packed within its interface but it is not the easiest video editing product that I have come across. Priced at £69.99, VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum requires a 2.0GHz processor with 4GB of RAM and 1.15GB of hard disk space running Windows 7 and later.Vegas movie studio 17 platinum for advanced video editing vegas movie studio 17 platinum for advanced video editing. Vegas Movie Studio 17 Review and Version Comparison Easy Vegas movie studio 17 review. Available for just $49.99, it is the cheapest, yet, professional movie editing program available for the windows operating system. Vegas movie studio is a powerful tool, but it trails the leading video editing software in ease of use, rendering speed, and new effects. Every single feature is right at your fingertips thanks to the renewed effects windows in vegas movie studio 17. You don’t have to be an advanced video editor to use it. This software is ideal for novices who want to edit their movies but are unable to pay the huge price of the movie editing programs mentioned above. As a part of the vegas product family, vegas movie studio employs the same technology as the. Vegas movie studio platinum 16 is the most recent update of a consumer video creation tool that comes with a very affordable price, yet it brings a huge chunk of features from vegas pro, so it’s virtually impossible to distinguish one program from another.unless you are already a professional video maker. However, when it comes to usability, even a beginner can start editing in… You don’t have to be an advanced video editor to use it. The perfect introduction to the world of video production: Whether you need to cut, time, animate or color grade, vegas movie studio 17 has it all. Vegas movie studio 17 platinum for advanced video editing upgrade: Despite the doomsday rumblings at that time as to what what magix was going to do with the software, the company has steadily continued development with very. Consider sharingvegas movie studio 17 platinum is a popular video editing software popular in this industry because of its excellent features at a minimal price. Vegas movie studio 17 gives wannabe movie makers a full selection of tools, effects and features but what it gives you in depth it takes away in ease of use. Ob schnitt, zeit, animation oder farbkorrektur, vegas movie studio 17 bietet ihnen alles, was sie benötigen. adam morrell als ich als editor angefangen habe, war vegas movie studio platinum robust genug, um mir die möglichkeit zu geben, fortgeschrittene effekte mit der richtigen finesse bei der bearbeitung anzuwenden, aber immer noch. It's great for pros or users looking to create better videos. The user interface is far more complex and less intuitive. Whether you need to cut, time, animate or color grade, vegas movie studio 17 has it all. This vegas movie studio 17 review marks the fourth release of the software since magix bought out the entire sony creative range of video and audio editing products a few years back now. And with music maker free, you have everything you need to create impressive soundtracks. Vegas movie studio 16 starts at just $49.99 for the basic version which includes things like guided video creator, mode based workflow, and more, or you can spend $79.99 to get the platinum version that will bring in video docking support, and the newblue transitions ultimate pack along with it. Vegas movie studio is not the simplest video editing software to use and beginners may find it daunting. If ease of use is your biggest concern: Every single feature is right at your fingertips thanks to the renewed effects windows in vegas movie studio 17. It will meet most of the needs of experienced editors and producers, but key omissions of some basic and advanced functionality make it a middling program. Magix vegas movie studio 17 suiteを、価格.comに集まるこだわり派ユーザーが、機能性・使いやすさ・安定性など気になる項目別に徹底評価!実際のユーザーが書き込む生の声は何にも代えがたい情報源です。 If you strive to make astonishing videos, vegas movie studio 17 helps you get there. Basically, i threw away my money when i bought this. Reviewed in the united states on september 22, 2020. I had magix movie studio platinum 12 and it only crashed every so often. Vegas pro 17 packs even more features into an already robust video production softare package. The pricing model has changed since vegas movie studio 15, now the price for three versions are $49.99, $59.99 and $99.99 accordingly. Next up is vegas movie studio 17 platinum, for $79.99 (£59.99), and the most expensive in the range is vegas movie studio 17 suite, for $99.99 (£74.99) (a discount that is apparently offered. A new, powerful effects and transitions management, a smoother video preview, and much more! Vegas movie studio platinum review vegas movie studio platinum has enough tools and features to make it a fine choice for video editing software. Maybe a few weeks later someone will respond with absolutely useless information. New purchase upgrade free trial $69.99 regularly $79.99. The screenshots below were taken from the suite version of vegas movie studio 14 (while the latest version is vegas movie studio 16). Pin oleh wenty di semua jenis Kids Advanced Train Construction Advanced, Kids, Moxie; Moxie Studio; Vegas Wedding Photo;bride; bridesmaid Metropolitan Opera's new Rigoletto set in Las Vegas of Rat Pin on PC Tools Deep Dive into Adobe Premiere Pro CC Spring 2017 Update How to Build and Shoot With a DIY Rain Machine Pedestrian Bridge Renovation E /STUDIO WEST, INC Xara Designer Pro X Review & 46 Off Coupon.Editor's Note: Welcome to our first ever Community Review here on Windows Central! This is a full product review created by a member of our community and not the Windows Central staff, and it's the start of a new program here. We're going to be slowly opening this program up to community members and companies interested in participating. Please reach out to our Community Manager if you have any questions or would like to join the program! Much like Magix's Music Maker software I previously looked at, I had no experience with video editing software prior to this. It is definitely daunting and a little confusing at first with absolutely no knowledge of how the software works but Magix dubs itself as a video program for beginners, so I figured it was certainly worth a look. To help you get started, Magix does provide a rudimentary walk through option that tells you what everything does, and I would recommend doing this as it does help quite a bit, even if you have some experience, as it helps get you familiar with the layout of the software. Of course, you want to know, what can you do with Vegas Movie Studio? Some things took me longer to learn than I would have liked, like how to cut and splice video. I now just go to the main edit menu and cut from there after highlighting the video I want to cut. Splicing took me longer as it is not as simple as dragging either end of the video, before or after the cut, back to the other. That will put the cut video back in, and you need to get your mouse over one video piece until the hand appears and drag it over to the other end. This was one of the least intuitive parts of the software for me. Transitions seemed to be pretty easy, you just select the transition you want and drag it to the end of the video you want it at and when the ' ' appears you drop it there. There are other things to play around with like video effects, although a good number of them require access to another program that I don't have a license for. Overall, it only took me roughly 2-3 hours to learn how to use Vegas Movie Studio with general ease. You may learn it faster or slower than I did, but for the most part, it's fairly intuitive. When you open Vegas Movie Studio, there are a lot of windows open including the welcome window. The welcome window allows you to select from recent projects, create a new project, open up the walkthrough of the program, or just start using the program. The first time you open the program, there is a sample project preloaded that you can take a look at and see how it was done. The main Windows program panel has your Project, Edit, View, Insert, Tools, Options, and Help menus. Inside the main project window at the top, you have options to start a new project, open a project, save the current project, project properties, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, make the movie, the program walkthrough, and help. All the other windows can be moved, deleted, added, and resized to whatever you're comfortable with. I think I only have one or two windows closed out that are open on initial opening. My top left window has the file browser for project media, explorer, transitions, video effects, and media generators. The project media tab shows all the media you have added to the current project you're working on, such as video files, audio files, and so on. The explorer tab is just windows explorer and lets you find your files without leaving the program. The transitions tab has a host of various transitions to choose from that you can place in your video project. The video effects tab also has a host of video effects that you can add to specific points in your project, such as adding them to transitions. The media generator tab allows you to add various designs to the screen of your project, I'm still playing around with this feature myself, and it seems it can cover your video and/or be added to transitions depending on where it's placed, or even just added to blank space in your project. My top right window is the preview window and this where you can preview your project before saving it. The top bar of this windows has options for the properties, view on an external monitor, video output effects, split screen view, preview quality, overlays, copy snapshot, and save a snapshot. There are a good number of options you can play around with here to best review your project and help you decide if you need or want to make any other changes to the project. My lower window is the track display window; this is where you will see all your video and audio tracks. This is also where you will make any cuts, copies, pastes, splices, additions, and deletions to your project. The track window is where all changes are made, including all the layout changes. There are options to make the track a solo track, mute the track, compositions options, track effect options, and more inside the track display portion as you add more things to your project. Along the bottom of the track display portion you have some editing tools including trim, split, marking, snapping, and more. Don't worry, I didn't forget about actually showing you what Vegas Movie Studio is actually capable of. The above is a sample video after being made into a movie. This should give you a good idea of what Vegas Movie Studio is capable of even at the most basic levels of someone who has never played with video editing software before. This video just shows i OS' different video modes, and I've used music from You Tube's own free music collection. There are three tiers of Magix's Vegas Movie Studio, and I was happily able to review the mid tier Platinum version. The Platinum version has more options and effects than the basic version but still less than the Suite version. While there is a learning curve for people who have never played with video editing software before, it is still relatively intuitive and easy to learn. I like that about the programs I've been able to review from Magix. It really seems they are laid out in a way to give you what you need starting out and help you learn. They may not, however, have all the options and features an editing professional may need, and then again, Vegas Movie Studio also doesn't have the same price tag as those other programs. So why would you waste your money on a highly professional program when you don't need to? If you're just getting into video editing, or only need to do light editing, I would recommend Vegas Movie Studio. They are quite affordable in terms of video editing software as well with the basic package is $49.99 USD, Movie Studio Platinum is $79.99 USD, and if you want to go all in, the Movie Studio Suite is $139.99 US. I did also get a DVD maker program as well, but I haven't gotten into that yet. I don't even have any blank DVD's to worry about making DVD's with, but I will take a look at it. Learn more about Vegas Movie Studio via the Magix website It's corky If you spend a lot of time in front of a desktop PC, your wrist may get sore from using that mouse all day. In our latest review, Lenovo’s new $34 Go Wireless Vertical Mouse gets a fair shake. part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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