RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U

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RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key  - Crack Key For U

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: RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U

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RazorSQL Updates / Change Log

The latest version of RazorSQL is 9.4.9

9.4.9 Change Log (Released 11/11/2021)

9.4.8 Change Log (Released 10/04/2021)

9.4.7 Change Log (Released 09/16/2021)

9.4.6 Change Log (Released 08/16/2021)

9.4.5 Change Log (Released 07/19/2021)

9.4.4 Change Log (Released 06/15/2021)

9.4.3 Change Log (Released 06/01/2021)

9.4.2 Change Log (Released 05/11/2021)

9.4.1 Change Log (Released 04/28/2021)

9.4.0 Change Log (Released 04/25/2021)

9.3.4 Change Log (Released 04/13/2021)

9.3.3 Change Log (Released 03/23/2021)

9.3.2 Change Log (Released 03/01/2021)

9.3.1 Change Log (Released 02/08/2021)

9.3.0 Change Log (Released 01/12/2021)

9.2.7 Change Log (Released 12/11/2020)

9.2.6 Change Log (Released 12/09/2020)

9.2.5 Change Log (Released 11/23/2020)

9.2.4 Change Log (Released 11/14/2020)

9.2.3 Change Log (Released 11/10/2020)

9.2.2 Change Log (Released 10/14/2020)

9.2.1 Change Log (Released 10/07/2020)

9.2.0 Change Log (Released 09/16/2020)

9.1.6 Change Log (Released 08/24/2020)

9.1.5 Change Log (Released 07/28/2020)

9.1.4 Change Log (Released 07/14/2020)

9.1.3 Change Log (Released 06/17/2020)

9.1.2 Change Log (Released 05/26/2020)

9.1.1 Change Log (Released 05/04/2020)

9.1.0 Change Log (Released 04/14/2020)

9.0.9 Change Log (Released 03/17/2020)

9.0.8 Change Log (Released 03/05/2020)

9.0.7 Change Log (Released 02/24/2020)

9.0.6 Change Log (Released 02/18/2020)

9.0.5 Change Log (Released 02/10/2020)

9.0.4 Change Log (Released 02/04/2020)

9.0.3 Change Log (Released 01/08/2020)

9.0.2 Change Log (Released 01/02/2020)

9.0.1 Change Log (Released 12/18/2019)

9.0.0 Change Log (Released 12/11/2019)

8.5.5 Change Log (Released 11/19/2019)

8.5.4 Change Log (Released 11/12/2019)

8.5.3 Change Log (Released 11/07/2019)

8.5.2 Change Log (Released 10/24/2019)

8.5.1 Change Log (Released 10/18/2019)

8.5.0 Change Log (Released 10/09/2019)

8.4.7 Change Log (Released 09/26/2019)

8.4.6 Change Log (Released 09/24/2019)

8.4.5 Change Log (Released 09/11/2019)

8.4.4 Change Log (Released 08/25/2019)

8.4.3 Change Log (Released 08/01/2019)

8.4.2 Change Log (Released 07/18/2019)

8.4.1 Change Log (Released 07/09/2019)

8.4.0 Change Log (Released 06/27/2019)

8.3.6 Change Log (Released 06/06/2019)

8.3.5 Change Log (Released 05/28/2019)

8.3.4 Change Log (Released 05/13/2019)

8.3.3 Change Log (Released 05/01/2019)

8.3.2 Change Log (Released 04/24/2019)

8.3.1 Change Log (Released 04/10/2019)

8.3.0 Change Log (Released 03/28/2019)

8.2.5 Change Log (Released 03/05/2019)

8.2.4 Change Log (Released 02/06/2019)

8.2.3 Change Log (Released 01/17/2019)

8.2.2 Change Log (Released 12/19/2018)

8.2.1 Change Log (Released 12/03/2018)

8.2.0 Change Log (Released 11/13/2018)

8.1.1 Change Log (Released 10/18/2018)

8.1.0 Change Log (Released 10/10/2018)

8.0.9 Change Log (Released 09/24/2018)

8.0.8 Change Log (Released 09/14/2018)

8.0.7 Change Log (Released 09/11/2018)

8.0.6 Change Log (Released 09/05/2018)

8.0.5 Change Log (Released 08/17/2018)

8.0.4 Change Log (Released 08/08/2018)

8.0.3 Change Log (Released 07/31/2018)

8.0.2 Change Log (Released 07/19/2018)

8.0.1 Change Log (Released 06/25/2018)

8.0.0 Change Log (Released 05/15/2018)

7.4.10 Change Log (Released 03/08/2018)

7.4.9 Change Log (Released 03/08/2018)

7.4.8 Change Log (Released 03/05/2018)

7.4.7 Change Log (Released 02/28/2018)

7.4.6 Change Log (Released 02/12/2018)

7.4.5 Change Log (Released 01/31/2018)

7.4.4 Change Log (Released 01/12/2018)

7.4.3 Change Log (Released 12/28/2017) download jaksta Change Log (Released 12/15/2017)

7.4.1 Change Log (Released 12/12/2017)

7.4.0 Change Log (Released 12/06/2017)

7.3.15 Change Log (Released 11/28/2017)

7.3.14 Change Log (Released 11/16/2017)

7.3.13 Change Log (Released 11/01/2017)

7.3.12 Change Log (Released 10/22/2017)

7.3.11 Change Log (Released 10/20/2017)

7.3.10 Change Log (Released 10/17/2017)

7.3.9 Change Log (Released 10/11/2017)

7.3.8 Change Log (Released 09/28/2017)

7.3.7 Change Log (Released 09/21/2017)

7.3.6 Change Log (Released 09/12/2017)

7.3.5 Change Log (Released 09/05/2017)

7.3.4 Change Log (Released 08/30/2017)

7.3.3 Change Log (Released 08/15/2017)

7.3.2 Change Log (Released 08/01/2017)

7.3.1 Change Log (Released 07/18/2017)

7.3.0 Change Log (Released 06/13/2017)

7.2.6 Change Log (Released 05/08/2017)

7.2.5 Change Log (Released 04/10/2017)

7.2.4 Change Log (Released 03/22/2017)

7.2.3 Change Log (Released 02/07/2017)

7.2.2 Change Log (Released 01/18/2017)

7.2.1 Change Log (Released 01/04/2017)

7.2.0 Change Log (Released 12/15/2016)

7.1.4 Change Log (Released 12/2/2016)

7.1.3 Change Log (Released 11/23/2016)

7.1.2 Change Log (Released 11/20/2016)

7.1.1 Change Log (Released 11/01/2016)

7.1.0 Change Log (Released 10/25/2016)

7.0.9 Change Log (Released 10/10/2016)

7.0.8 Change Log (Released 10/05/2016)

7.0.7 Change Log (Released 09/29/2016)

7.0.6 Change Log (Released 09/21/2016)

7.0.5 Change Log (Released 09/01/2016)

7.0.4 Change Log (Released 08/24/2016)

7.0.3 Change Log (Released 08/02/2016)

7.0.2 Change Log (Released 07/27/2016)

7.0.1 Change Log (Released 06/16/2016)

7.0 Change Log (Released 06/08/2016)

6.4.8 Change Log (Released 04/06/2016)

6.4.7 Change Log (Released 03/11/2016)

6.4.6 Change Log (Released 03/01/2016)

6.4.5 Change Log (Released 02/19/2016)

6.4.4 Change Log (Released 02/04/2016)

6.4.3 Change Log (Released 01/26/2016)

6.4.2 Change Log (Released 01/14/2016)

6.4.1 Change Log (Released 12/15/2015)

6.4.0 Change Log (Released 11/23/2015)

6.3.29 Change Log (Released 10/22/2015)

6.3.28 Change Log (Released 09/30/2015)

6.3.27 Change Log (Released 09/14/2015)

6.3.26 Change Log (Released 07/30/2015)

6.3.25 Change Log (Released 07/21/2015)

6.3.24 Change Log (Released 05/28/2015)

6.3.23 Change Log (Released 05/11/2015)

6.3.22 Change Log (Released 04/27/2015)

6.3.21 Change Log (Released 04/13/2015)

6.3.20 Change Log (Released 04/01/2015)

6.3.19 Change Log (Released 03/18/2015)

6.3.18 Change Log (Released 03/04/2015)

6.3.17 Change Log (Released 02/10/2015)

6.3.16 Change Log (Released 12/16/2014)

6.3.15 Change Log (Released 12/02/2014)

6.3.14 Change Log (Released 11/03/2014)

6.3.13 Change Log (Released 10/20/2014)

6.3.12 Change Log (Released 09/23/2014)

6.3.11 Change Log (Released 08/27/2014)

6.3.10 Change Log (Released 08/20/2014)

6.3.9 Change Log (Released 07/29/2014)

6.3.8 Change Log (Released 07/02/2014)

6.3.7 Change Log (Released 06/10/2014)

6.3.6 Change Log (Released 05/22/2014)

6.3.5 Change Log (Released 04/29/2014)

6.3.4 Change Log (Released 04/01/2014)

6.3.3 Change Log (Released 02/25/2014)

6.3.2 Change Log (Released 02/10/2014)

6.3.1 Change Log (Released 02/05/2014)

6.3.0 Change Log (Released 01/15/2014)

6.2.6 Change Log (Released 12/09/2013)

6.2.5 Change Log (Released 12/05/2013)

6.2.4 Change Log (Released 11/20/2013)

6.2.3 Change Log (Released 10/23/2013)

6.2.2 Change Log (Released 09/25/2013)

6.2.1 Change Log (Released 09/12/2013)

6.2.0 Change Log (Released 09/11/2013)

6.1.7 Change Log (Released 08/05/2013)

6.1.6 Change Log (Released 07/23/2013)

6.1.5 Change Log (Released 07/17/2013)

6.1.4 Change Log (Released 07/05/2013)

6.1.3 Change Log (Released 07/03/2013)

6.1.2 Change Log (Released 07/02/2013)

6.1.1 Change Log (Released 07/01/2013)

6.1.0 Change Log (Released 06/03/2013)

6.0.7 Change Log (Released 04/04/2013)

6.0.6 Change Log (Released 03/21/2013)

6.0.5 Change Log (Released 03/01/2013)

6.0.4 Change Log (Released 02/23/2013)

6.0.3 Change Log (Released 01/30/2013)

6.0.2 Change Log (Released 01/16/2013)

6.0.1 Change Log (Released 12/04/2012)

6.0.0 Change Log (Released 10/09/2012)

5.6.4 Change Log (Released 07/15/2012)

Older Updates



  • Athena: Added the following connection properties for authenticating with Azure AD: AwsCredentialsProviderClass, tenant_id, client_secret, client_id
  • Athena: Added the following connection properties for authenticating with ADFS: AwsCredentialsProviderClass, idp_host, idp_port, preferred_role, ssl_insecure


  • Command Line Import: Delimited file import is now supported for JDBC drivers that do not support batch operations
  • Added support for drivers that have multi release jar files such as SAP Hana
  • Upgraded Athena driver to version 2.0.25



  • Added a Tools -> Base64 Encoder tool
  • Added a Tools -> Base64 Decoder tool


  • MS SQL Server: When connecting with the jTDS driver, new connections now set the ssl property to "request" by default
  • Upgraded included SQL Server jTDS driver to version 1.3
  • Cassandra: Apache Thrift Driver: Hex values are now displayed for blob types

Bug Fixes

  • Mac: US International keyboards: quote, double quote, and back quote typing behavior is not correct



  • Command Line Processor: Added a -testConnection command that has two arguments: -testConnection "Connection Profile Name"
  • Removed id as a postgresql reserved word
  • Command Line Process: More error information is now displayed on the console in the event of an error
  • DB2: JTOpen Driver: Added the ability to set connection properties
  • Vertica: Added the ability to set connection properties

Bug Fixes

  • Database Conversion and Query Generation: SQL not always getting generated correctly when the preference wrap generated database objects is set to always




  • Upgraded Salesforce API to version 52
  • Upgraded Firebird Jaybird JDBC driver to version 4.0.3



  • Added the ability to set connection properties such as query timeout on BigQuery connections
  • MySQL: Export and Backup tools now escape backslashes in data
  • Athena: New Connections: If the endpoint override property is specified, the AWSRegion should not be set



  • Upgraded SQLite driver to version 3.34

Bug Fixes

  • SQLite connections do not work on Apple Silicon machines



  • Added the ability to connect directly to Firebird database files (versions 2.0 - 3.0) without a running Firebird server on Windows machines
  • Added the ability to create new Firebird ODS 11.2 (2.5) database files via the Create Database Tool and when adding new Firebird connections
  • Oracle Database Browser: Enabled calling DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL on indexes under tables
  • Oracle Database Browser: Enabled calling DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL on constraints under tables

Bug Fixes

  • Cassandra timeuuid column should not have single quotes in generated SQL



  • Filter Navigator: Top Level Objects. Added a drop-down for Include Selected and Exclude Selected to determine whether to include top level objects in the navigator or exclude them from the navigator
  • Added a Connections - View Status Log menu option. View Status Log can now be assigned a keyboard shortcut

Bug Fixes

  • DB2 to MySQL conversion. DB2 graphic columns getting converted with a G prefix in generated insert statements in certain situations



  • Added configurable connection property support for Interbase

Bug Fixes

  • ODBC connections throw errors on certain machines due to a missing library



  • Added support for the Intersystems IRIS database
  • Added ability to set connection properties for Informix
  • Added sslConnection as an Informix connection property
  • Query Results: Added a preference in the query results tab for beeping when a query that takes longer than a certain number of seconds completes

Bug Fixes

  • SQL Formatter: Ignore commas in parens does not handle nested parens correctly



  • PostgreSQL: Added additional ssl related connection properties


  • select into queries now display the number of rows returned in the file in the updated rows section of the status window
  • If query results columns are re-arranged, edit table tool is disabled
  • DynamoDB Edit Table Tool from Query Results: Non select * queries get re-written as select * queries when lauching the edit table tool

Bug Fixes

  • ExecuteAll - execution can hang in certain situations



  • Salesforce: Added support for date functions in the select clause
  • Salesforce: Added support for case sensitive aliases
  • Users can now enter 0 for the connection level maximum rows value. This will not limit the number of rows returned. Note that this may cause performance problems for some databases

Bug Fixes

  • Input focus leaves text area sometimes when query returns no results



  • Database Browser: Case is now ignored when sorting tables
  • MongoDB SSL Connections: Now defaults to TLS version 1.2
  • Cassandra SSL Connections: Now defaults to TLS version 1.2
  • Database Conversion: If the new table field contains a period, the new table name is no longer wrapped in quotes in the generated SQL
  • MongoDB: Updated SQL reserved word list

Bug Fixes

  • Sybase / SAP IQ: Alter Table Tool does not generate DDL for rename table or rename column
  • H2 Database Conversion: Auto increment columns cause invalid DEFAULT clause in generated DDL



  • Added a New Tab (Share This Connection) menu option to the right-click menu of the SQL Editor tab
  • Added a Results -> Export Query Results menu option
  • Command line RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U generator: Added example output for using the commandFile syntax to execute multiple commands per call


  • Athena: Added the ability to set connection properties on the Simba Athena JDBC driver
  • Upgraded DB2 JDBC driver to version 4.28.11
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL JDBC driver to version 42.2.18

Bug Fixes

  • Cassandra: If using the fetch all rows toolbar button or keyboard shortcut, a not supported error is displayed after all rows are returned
  • Cassandra: Exporting or Backing up a table with a timestamp column throws an error
  • Cassandra Export Multiple Tables: If no keyspace is selected, an error is thrown on the start of the export



  • Query Builder: Added the ability to select the same column multiple times in the query
  • RazorSQL Command Line Process: Added the ability to execute multiple commands per call using the -commandFile "command file path" option. The command file should contain one RazorSQL command line process command per line
  • SQL Editor Tab right-click menu: Added a New Tab -> Share Connection menu item
  • H2 Database Object Search: Added the ability to search for triggers
  • HSQLDB Database Object Search: Added the ability to search for triggers
  • H2 Database Browser: Added support for triggers
  • HSQDLB Database Browser: Added support for triggers


  • BigQuery Database Browser: If project id entered in the connection does not come back from the driver meta data call, include it in the browser list anyway
  • Updated H2 driver to version 1.4.199
  • H2, HSQLDB, Derby, and SQLite Embedded: When closing a connection, some resources from the connection may not have been eligible for garbage collection

Bug Fixes

  • SQL Editor: Single quotes inside of multi-line comments were not getting ignored when determining statement delimiter positioning


Bug Fixes

  • When pasting data into the editor an extra line break may be inserted at the end



  • Snowflake Generate DDL: Columns of type variant should not have a size
  • Editor: When pasting data, editor tries to convert data to plain text
  • macOS: Changed bundled JRE to version

Bug Fixes

  • macOS: RazorSQL may crash if switching keyboard input



  • Cassandra: Added a timestampFormat connection property. For new connections this defaults to utc. For connections created previously, this defaults to the old behavior of local_date. utc displays timestamps in utc format. Other options are local and local_date. local displays timestamps using the timezone of the local machine as the format. local_date displays timestamps in date format using the timezone of the local machine.


  • Added the following system property options. If opening new dialog windows on macOS Big Sur is causing issues, do the following:
    Help - Set System Property
    Put D_OWNER in the Name
    Put NULLWINDOWAT in the Value
    If still issues, put NULLWINDOW in the Value
  • Upgraded MongoDB driver to 3.12.7



  • macOS version: Upgraded included JRE to 11.0.9

Bug Fixes

  • macOS version: Possible RazorSQL crash when connecting or disconnecting external displays
  • HSQLDB to SQL Server Table Conversion: Converting tables in the HSQLDB PUBLIC schema throws an error



  • Added a File -> Open File (Current Tab) menu option (control / command + shift + o) for replacing the current editor contents with contents from a file
  • File System Browser: Add a Open File (Current Tab) option
  • Toolbar open file icon: Added the ability to open the file in the current tab



Bug Fixes

  • Salesforce: Values not displaying for queries with aggregrate functions that use aliases for the column name / aggregrate function name



  • Export Tool: Export Delimited Files: Option to set escape character to something other than double quote
  • Export Tool: Export Delimited Files: Added option to wrap everything in escape character
  • Cassandra 3x DDL Generation: Added support for generating with clustering order by clauses to generated table DDL


  • Database Conversion: SQL Server to H2 conversion: newid() in default column values is now converted to random_uuid()

Bug Fixes

  • Cassandra 3x DDL Generation: primary key columns may not be in the correct order in primary key clause of create table statement
  • DynamoDB and SimpleDB Import Tool: An error occurs when including column names in the generated import SQL
  • File Selection: When selecting a file from the file system for certain operations, the user is not prompted for whether to overwrite the file when the user selects an existing file



  • Added support for Amazon AWS Keyspaces
  • Cassandra: Added the ability to set the consistency level on the connection when creating a new Cassandra connection. The consistency can be set by pdf-xchange editor license key download - Free Activators the Configure button next to the Conn. Properties field.
  • Added an Edit -> Move to First Visible Line (control / command + page up) menu option for moving the cursor to the first visible line in the editor
  • Added an Edit -> Move to Last Visible Line (control / command + page down) menu option for moving the cursor to the last visible line in the editor
  • Query Results Tab Right-click Adobe acrobat pro dc 2019.020.20098 crack - Free Activators Added a Copy Selected Column Names and Results to Clipboard option
  • Results: Added an Arrange Columns in Alphabetical Order option to the Results menu and Results tab right-click menu
  • Results: Added a Windows Repair Free - Crack Key For U Column option to the Results menu and Results tab right-click menu


  • Cassandra: Database Browser now reloads automatically when creating a new table
  • Mac: macOS Big Sur: Display changes to better support Big Sur
  • Selected text is no longer moved when using tab or shift+tab if control/command key is pressed

Bug Fixes

  • Execute All: Execute All no longer stops executing if query type can't be determined. Unknown query type is now used in this case



  • Cassandra blob columns now display values in hexadecimal format
  • The tab key is now allowed as part of a custom keyboard shortcut
  • Added a system property for turning off the update check. Set UPDATE_CHECK to FALSE in Help -> Set System Property
  • Mac: Changed type of dialog used for certain save operations to prevent freezing issues on certain machines

Bug Fixes

  • Procedure Excecution: Method can't be called twice error displays in certain circumstances
  • Generate SQL Select and Generate SQL In Clause: If columns in results table are rearranged by dragging, SQL generation uses incorrect column names



  • Import Tool: Added ability to change the delimiter / line break escape character to something other than double quote
  • Import Tool: Added option to forego delimiter / line break escaping
  • Added an execute SQL button on generate SQL popup window
  • DynamoDB Database Browser: Changed Row Count option to the following
    Row Count (Estimate): This method gets the row count from the DynamoDB table meta data. This count is updated by DynamoDB every 6 hours
    Row Count (Full Scan): This method scans the whole table to get the row count. This method uses more resources to get the count


  • Execute Procedures: Errors that occur in a procedure are displayed even if the procedure was able to return results prior to the error. Previously the error was not reported
  • Local Database / HSQLDB: create table tool defaults creating tables as cached (on-disk) tables instead of in-memory. Memory tables can be created by selecting the Memory option in the Table Type drop-down

Bug Fixes

  • Import Tool: Create New Table from Data: size and scale drop-downs may be uneditable when they should not be



  • Import Tool: Delimited Files: Added support for the following date formats for Date columns in addition to yyyy-MM-dd: MM/dd/yyyy (06/22/2020) M/d/yyyy (6/2/2020) MM/dd/yy (06/02/20) d-MMM-yy (2-Jun-20)
  • Import Tool: Added support for generating insert statements that have multiple rows of values per one statement to reduce overhead for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Derby, DB2, and Athena


  • Import Tool: Blank rows in spreadsheets and delimited files are now skipped
  • Import Tool: XLSX Files: Importing cells with formulas is now supported
  • Import Tool: Enhanced the process for guessing column types and sizes when creating a table during the import process
  • Import Tool: If first row of file being imported looks to be column names, the start row of the file will be set to row 2 instead of row 1
  • Athena Export Tool: Added support for generating SQL statements in multiple rows per one insert statement syntax
  • Oracle: For new installs, default to showing all schemas instead of non-empty schemas. Empty schemas can be hidden by the Edit -> Preferences -> Database Browser -> Oracle: Hide Empty Schemas in Database Browser checkbox
  • Oracle Editor: Added more line number detail to Oracle query errors



  • Import Tool: Importing from a saved profile no longer pre-populates the delimited file end row. The last row of the file is assumed by default
  • SQLite: Added a Change File button for quickly changing the SQLite database file on an existing SQLite connection profile
  • Oracle Database Browser: Changed default query to get all schemas

Bug Fixes

  • Database Browser: Folders are duplicated sometimes, especially when using the enter / return key to make the connection from the Connection Wizard window
  • Windows 4k Monitors: Icons on the database browser are too small



  • Database Object Search and Database Data Search can now be assigned keyboard shortcuts

Bug Fixes

  • Firebird: Binary Data Editor: Queries against tables in the SQL editor where the table name does not match the case of the table name as stored in the database do not allow the binary data editor to launch
  • DB2 Call Procedure Tool throws error in certain situations
  • Athena Database Browser: Table name is not pre-populated when selecting the drop table option
  • Oracle SQL Editor: describe table statements are not bringing up the describe tool
  • Edit Table Tool: Database name / schema name not always getting wrapped in ticks or quotes when special characters are contained in the name
  • macOs Catalina: Command line interface throwing an error on some machines



  • Added a Tools -> URL Encoder tool
  • Added a Tools -> URL Decoder tool
  • Database Object Search: View Contents on a column name now scrolls to and selects the first row in that column in the query results
  • Amazon Athena: Added the ability to generate DDL for views


  • Amazon Athena Database Browser: Object types are now set to Tables and Views. Tables are listed in Tables section and Views are listed in Views section
  • Amazon Athena: Generate Table DDL now uses output from the show create table command

Bug Fixes

  • Athena Database Browser: View Contents -> Limit Results options not working
  • Mac: Two browser tabs display when clicking connection help off of WizardAdd



  • Query Results: Added the ability to sum, average, find mininum, and find maximum for selected cells only in addition to all cells
  • Firebird: Create Database Tool and Add Connection Tool: Added the ability to create Firebird version 4 / ODS version 13 database files
  • File System Browser and Project Browser: Added right-click menu option for Open File Share Connection
  • File System Browsser and Project Browser: If there are active database connections, double-clicking a file prompts for whether to open the file and share a current connection
  • Added support for Yellowbrick


  • BigQuery Database Browser: Only datasets under a particular project are shown in the project's tree
  • BigQuery Database Browser: SQL generation now includes the project id in the generated SQL
  • Toolbar: Show File System Browser button is now shown on the toolbar by default
  • Linux: Web browser display: If x-www-browser is available, this command is used to open web browsers on Linux systems

Bug Fixes

  • SQL Editor: Tab names can be incorrect if switching tabs in the middle of adding a new connection tab
  • SimpleDB: Inserting or Updating records that have SQL keywords with tick marks does not remove tick marks from keywords prior to sending to SimpleDB



  • PostgreSQL: Added information to error messages about statement line number and approximate editor line number of errors


  • JavaScript Validator: Leading line feeds in text can cause an issue with the validator
  • Snowflake to Local Database Conversion: Number data type conversion is now supported
  • Salesforce: The All Rows syntax in queries is no longer case sensitive
  • Database Object Search: Added a View Contents right-click option for column name search results
  • Upgraded Cassandara datastax driver to version 3.8.0
  • Upgraded BigQuery driver to version This fixes an issue with numeric columns not being able to be queried

Bug Fixes

  • Mac: Popup windows may not close property in certain situations
  • Font selector can't display the names of certain fonts



  • Query Results: Added the following options to the right-click menu of each results column and to the results menu: Average Values in Column, Count Values in Column, Count Distinct Values in Column, Max Value in Column, Min Value in Column, Sum Values in Column
  • DynamoDB: Added the abilty to query against nested maps up to 5 layers deep using SQL syntax Example query: select * from test_nested_map where outermap.innermap.innermap2.height = 60; outermap, innermap, and innermap2 are all maps in this example
  • DynamoDB: Added the ability to use syntax similar to the AWS command line for table scans. See RazorSQL DynamoDB SQL Support for details
  • Compare Tool: Improved performance
  • Added new DynamoDB scan expression and SQL syntax templates

Bug Fixes

  • Salesforce: Queries with column lists and NOT like clauses throwing parser errors



  • Keep Alive: For databases / drivers that only support one open result set at a time, Keep Alive will no longer RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U if there is an open result set
  • PostgreSQL KeyShot 7.3.40 Crack + License File Full Free Download Is Here Editor: Updated PostgreSQL keywords
  • Connection Wizard: RazorSQL hosted driver downloads now come from a secure AWS S3 server
  • SQL Server Database Browser: use queries to switch the database are no longer run when executing a View Contents query from the table node *BUG: SimpleDB: Edit Table Tool, Query Builder, and Results SQL Generation:

Bug Fixes

  • SimpleDB: Edit Table Tool, Query Builder, and Results SQL Generation: Generated SQL should not allow updates to itemName() columns. This is not supported by SimpleDB
  • Linux Version: Edit Table Tool: Right-click menu not displaying
  • Generate DDL: SQL Server ODBC Driver: Identity information not displaying



  • Connection Wizard: Connection Profile Tree: Added the following options to the right-click / context menu: Connect, Add Profile, Copy Profile, Delete Profile
  • Edit Table Tool: Added the following options to the cell right-click / context menu: Add Row, Copy Row, Delete Row, Preview SQL, Execute SQL


  • Derby Embedded databases are shut down on disconnect instead of on RazorSQL exit

Bug Fixes

  • Auto Commit on / off values not showing up on connection profile screen



  • Query Results: Editing Cells: If column has a value and then value is removed, set the column value to null instead of empty
  • Generate DDL: If default value for a column is set to null, do not wrap null in quotes in DDL
  • Adding SQL Server Connections: MS SQL Server JDBC driver: instance name in host or database name is now supported. RazorSQL will extract the instance name and put it into the instanceName connection property
  • Export: ODBC connections: Handle no data found errors without stopping export

Bug Fixes

  • Query Results: Editing Cells: If column is null, and column is clicked on but no value is entered in the column, update statement is still generated
  • Create Table Tool: Data type combo box size not correct when adding columns



  • Copy Table to Another Database: Added an Inserts Only (No DDL) option
  • Added preference to turn off displaying column type and length next to column name for the Database Browser


  • Oracle: 12c JDBC driver updated from version 12.1 to version 12.2

Bug Fixes

  • Database Browser: Generate DDL for a trigger under a table not working



  • Performance improvements for MySQL database conversion
  • Performance improvements for loading large XLSX files
  • MySQL: When using the MySQL Connector/J driver, the useCursorFetch property is set to true by default
  • Windows Installer: Added the option to install for all users or current user only

Bug Fixes

  • DynamoDB: Error when launching edit table tool from query results in certain situations



  • Import Tool: Copies of Excel files are created and opened for reading to prevent out of memory situations from corrupting original Excel file
  • Import Tool: Improved performance when importing from XLSX files
  • Upgraded Apache POI Excel library to version 4.1.1

Bug Fixes

  • Import Tool: Import from XLSX. Error thrown in certain situations when trying to read xlsx files
  • Import: Errors occurred during import message displaying behind the import dialog on Mac



  • PostgreSQL: Added support for procedures
  • Amazon Redshift: Added support for procedures
  • Amazon Redshift: Added support for connecting via AWS credentials files


  • PostgreSQL Create User: Added support for the create role option
  • Database Conversion: SQL Server to Oracle and vice-versa. Converter converts default values of GETDATE() to SYSDATE and vice-versa
  • RazorSQL log file size capped at 1 GB
  • Added a preference for max SQL History database size in megabytes

Bug Fixes

  • Redshift: Database Object Search returning all non-views in certain situations when tables option is selected
  • PostgreSQL DB Tools -> View Function Contents. Drop-down showing function name concatenated with the function specific name
  • PostgreSQL DB Tools -> Edit Function / Procedure. Drop-down showing function / procedure names concatenated with the specific name



  • Added support for Couchbase
  • Navigator / Database Browser Filter: Allow comma separated values in the contains and not contains fields
  • Added a Connections -> New Tab (New Connection) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
  • Added a Connections -> New Tab (Copy Editor) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
  • Added a Connections -> Same Tab (Switch Connection) menu option to the Connections main menu and context menu
  • Added New Session (New Connection) and New Session (Copy Editor) options to the new button popup
  • Added support for Derby 10.15 for supported operating systems. NOTE: Linux 32-bit and legacy Mac OS X versions do not support Derby 10.15
  • Copy Table to Another Database: Added a Generate Alter Table checkbox. If checked foreign keys are attempted to be assigned via alter table statements


  • Linux 64-bit: Updated Java Runtime Environment to version 11
  • macOS (Catalina and Mojave version): Updated Java Runtime Environment to 11.0.5
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit: Updated Java Runtime Environment to 11.0.5
  • Editor Auto Save. If user closes an unsaved file and auto save is on, still prompt if the user wants to save the file
  • Export Numeric Formatting Changes:
    If exporting query results (SQL, Delimited File, XML, HTML, Text): Formatting used is based on query results preference values for Locale options (primary) and decimal separator (if locale option not set)
    If exporting query results (XLS, XLSX): No formatting is used. Locale specific preferences within Excel determine how the cells are formatted
    If exporting from table(s): Numeric formatting is based on Number Format locale selected on the export window with the default being no specific formatting
  • SQL -> Recent Queries menu options: Order is now based on order the statement was executed not just the timestamp when the statement was executed
  • DynamoDB: Scan Requests with where clauses: For tables that have more rows than the "Max Results Per Query" value set on the RazorSQL connection profile, RazorSQL will continue to scan the table until either more rows than the Max Results Per Query value are returned, or there are no more rows to scan
  • MySQL and MariaDB connections, autoReconnect property is now set to true by default
  • Keep Alive: Default keep alive interval changed from 4 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Keep Alive Preference: Added an option for 0.5 (30 seconds) to the keep alive interval

Bug Fixes

  • MongoDB: macOS notarized version: Not allowing connections over TLS / SSL connections that use SNI such as MongoDB Atlas free tier servers
  • Mac repeat hold key preference is not on the correct line in preferences
  • Query Results: Create Table from Results on Current Connection throws an error in certain situations
  • SQL History: When running large numbers of statements through the editor such as thousands of inserts, SQL History process can get backed up and cause delays when trying to exit RazorSQL
  • Fedora Linux: Very slow startup time / hangs on startup can occur
  • Database Conversion Multiple Tables: When converting to MySQL, if the table name is a reserved word, the table name is getting wrapped in double quotes instead of tick marks in the generated SQL
  • DynamoDB: Generate SQL operations from query results: Where clause not always populated



  • Added the following Preference: Editor: Auto Convert Files to UTF-8 if Unencodable Chars. If the editor contents contain characters that are not encodable by the default encoding, the contents are saved in UTF-8 format if this preference is selected


  • Mac: Adjusted font sizes for higher resolution displays
  • UI: Better support for displaying unicode data in labels and drop-downs
  • Import Tool: Encoding set automatically on files encoded with UTF-8

Bug Fixes

  • Athena: Version 1 Athena driver no longer returning table names in database browser



  • Added support for HSQLDB 2.5


  • Athena: New Connections now default to using the Athena Simba JDBC driver instead of the old version 1 driver. Older connections using the old version 1 driver may no longer show table names in the database browser. The connections should be created again using the new driver
  • General: Fonts: Default fonts changed to better match system defaults and better support display of unicode characters
  • SQL Editor: Editor font graphics settings changed to better match system defaults



  • DynamoDB: Added support for querying for is null and is not null on map attributes
  • Query Results: Added font auto detection that tries to select an appropriate font if the current font can't display characters in the results


  • DynamoDB Database Browser: Expanding a table to show columns now lists key columns first and then remaining columns in alphabetical order
  • DynamoDB: Running a select * query now puts the key columns first and the rest of the columns are ordered alphabetically
  • DynamoDB: If specifying a column list in a select query against a table, the columns displayed in the results are in the same order as the column list in the select statement
  • Mac Catalina / Mojave version: Changed default max memory settings based on total memory available.
  • MySQL Connection Properties: Added the characterEncoding property as an option when using the MySQL JDBC driver

Bug Fixes

  • DynamoDB: is null and is not null syntax in select statements only checking for existence of attribute on the table and not whether it has been set to a NULL attribute value
  • SimpleDB: Drop Domains generating tick marks around domains with special characters



  • Edit -> Copy History and Edit -> Paste History: Duplicate entries no longer shown
  • MySQL to HSQLDB Database Conversion: Unique indexes are included in conversion

Bug Fixes

  • PostgreSQL Backup Table: Index DDL does not always include the statement separator
  • Javascript Validator: macOS Catalina: Javascript Validator not working on macOS Catalina
  • HSQLDB: Import from XLSX: Date Values include timestamp on generated inserts
  • Query Results: Add Row: For tables with 0 rows, 2 rows blank rows are appearing in the edit table tool instead of one



  • Backup Table: Added certain index DDL to the backup single table output

Bug Fixes

  • DynamoDB Export Query Results - invalid cursor state in certain situations
  • Mac Catalina: Import Tool: Unable to import XLSX files
  • Mac Catalina: Crash when bringing up Finder window with preview enabled for certain file types



  • Query Results: Added an Add Row button to the toolbar, and Add Rows options to the Results menu, and right-click menus
  • Query Results: Added a Delete Row button to the toolbar and Delete Row options to the Results menu and right-click menus
  • Added an Edit -> Copy History menu that displays recent text that has been copied to the clipboard from the editor
  • Added an Edit -> Paste History menu that displays recent text that has been pasted to the clipboard from the editor
  • SQL Editor: Auto Completion: After selecting a table name after typing insert into, an option for generating an insert statement with the table column names and value place holders for the selected table displays
  • SQL Editor: Auto Completion: After selecting a table name after typing update, an option for generating the set column name clause of the update statement is presented
  • SQL Editor: Auto Completion: After selecting a table name after typing delete or delete from an option for generating the column name clause of the delete statement is presented


  • SQL Editor: Auto Completion: If table name is selected after the keyword delete, "from" is automatically inserted between the delete and the table name
  • Upgraded DB2 JTOpen JDBC driver to the latest version
  • Increased the max number of files in the recent files menu option

Bug Fixes

  • Call Procedure Tool: If the procedure called returns a result set, the call procedure tool was executing the procedure twice in certain situations



  • Query Results: Selecting the Compare Query Results option from a query results tab populates both queries in the compare tool if there is more than one query results tab

Bug Fixes

  • Preferences that should not require restarting RazorSQL to take effect are requiring restart
  • Auto Updater not working for Windows machines
  • HBase connection help information is missing



  • Added support for the following HBase drivers: Apache Phoenix JDBC Driver, CData HBase JDBC Driver
  • Preferences: Added a preference for changing the query results selection color


  • Preferences: Added more categories to make preferences easier to find



  • AWS Athena: Added the ability to specify an AWS properties file for authentication
  • Oracle Execute Function Tool: Added the ability to call functions with OUT parameters that also return a result
  • Oracle Database Browser: Added the ability to call DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL for Oracle synonyms



  • MongoDB: Added support for connecting to MongoDB via a connection string
  • AWS Athena: Added support for passing in a session token in addition to an access key and secret key for authentication
  • Cassandra: Added the ability to select SSL encryption when setting up the connection profile on the add connection profile screen


  • If auto save preference is set to true, tabs with file associated to them no longer prompt for save on exit. Files are saved automatically

Bug Fixes

  • Query Scheduler: Column Aliases ignored for MySQL when printing the column names to the output
  • MongoDB: Connection Profile screen. Changing the value of the Use SSL Encryption checkbox does not get saved
  • Oracle Import Tool: apostrophes / single quotes in text not getting escaped in certain situations



  • Editor: Added Auto Save functionality for automatically saving editor tabs that have associated files every n seconds. Auto save settings can be configured in the Edit -> Preferences -> Backups / Auto Save preferences tab
  • Added functionality to periodically backup RazorSQL user data such as connection profiles, preferences, favorites, etc. Backup user data settings can be configured in the Edit -> Preferences -> Backup / Auto Save preferences tab
  • Export Utility: Added the ability RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U set date and timestamp formats when exporting multiple tables
  • Added an Edit -> Restore User Data from Backup option to the Edit menu for restoring user data (preferences, connection profiles, built-in database, etc.) from a previously created backup file (Edit -> Backup User Data)


  • FTPS Client: Connections to servers with expired certificates is now possible

Bug Fixes

  • Salesforce: Certain queries against the Order table are not parsing correctly



  • FTP Client: Added support for explicit FTPS connections
  • Oracle: Call Function Tool: Added support for calling functions that return ref cursors



  • Oracle Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for procedures, functions, and packages
  • MS SQL Server Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for procedures and functions
  • DB2 LUW Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for tables, views, and procedures


  • Updated to jsch SSH library to version 0.1.55
  • DB2: Edit Procedure and Edit Function: Includes information about using create or replace syntax to preserve permissions



  • Added auto update capabilities to the Windows and Mac versions


  • Added version 19.3 of the Oracle JDBC driver
  • Updated Firebird JDBC driver to the latest version
  • Editor: First time save of a file, file name is populated based on file type

Bug Fixes

  • XML Validator: Schemas with maxOccurs values of more than 5000 throwing validation errors



  • Import Tool: When importing from XLSX files, if cell format is not set to scientific notation, values get converted from scientific notation to regular numbers
  • Query Results to the Same Tab: Queries that don't return results no longer take up space in the query results section
  • Query Results to the Same Tab: Better setting of columns widths after the first result set

Bug Fixes

  • ODBC Connections: If query results number formatting preference is changed, numeric columns do not display data



  • Added Remove Line Breaks, Duplicate Line, and Text to HTML converter options to the Edit - Text menu


  • Upgraded SQLite JDBC driver to version
  • Upgraded hive uber jar to the latest version

Bug Fixes

  • DynamoDB: Tables with lists that contain number, string, or binary sets, or tables with lists of lists that contain those sets throwing errors in the database browser and when trying to query
  • Mac Notarized Version: SQLite connections using SQLiteJDBC throw an unsatisfiedlinkerror
  • Mac Notarized Version: Connections to SQL Server / SQL Azure not working when using the Microsoft SQL Server driver
  • Oracle Create Table Tool: First column size and scale are not editable until switching the data type
  • DB2 Generate Alter Table DDL / Describe Tool: Generated foreign key references may not be correct if the same constraint name is used across multiple tables
  • MySQL Alter Table DDL: Generated foreign key table may be empty



  • Salesforce Database Browser: Added option to view limited results from tables
  • SimpleDB Database Browser: Added option to view limited results from domains
  • Query Results: Execute SQL (Multiple Results Output to Same Tab): Resizing the query results now also resizes each result set inside the query results tab
  • Execute SQL (Multiple Results Output to Same Tab): For scripts or procedures that return multiple result sets, all results are shown in the same tab


  • Execute SQL (Multiple Results Output to Same Tab): No longer requires multiple queries to be executed

Bug Fixes

  • Sybase / SAP IQ: When using the SQL Anywhere driver, if query returns multiple result sets, only the first one is displayed
  • Add Connection Wizard: MySQL driver connection properties are displaying when the MariaDB driver is selected
  • Toolbar Customizer: Execute Multiple Results to the Same Tab button is not displaying in toolbar customizer in the preferences



  • PostgreSQL: Added support for json and jsonb types
  • PostgreSQL Database Conversion: Added support for json and jsonb types

Bug Fixes

  • H2 to MS Access Conversion: H2 bigint data types were not converting to the correct type



  • Table(s) Conversion Process: Added an option for only generating SQL insert statements and not generating create and alter table DDL
  • Command Line Table Conversion: Added an option for only generating SQL insert statements and not generating create and alter table DDL


  • File System Browser: Compress Files: symbolic links no longer followed to add files from sym links
  • Oracle: certain unprintable chars filtered from query results display
  • H2: If selected database file ends in .h2.db. h2.db is stripped from file name in generated JDBC URL

Bug Fixes

  • SQL Server Alter View: Extra line breaks getting inserted into view definitions in certain cases



  • Import Tool: Added an option for whether or not to fully qualify table names in generated insert statements for delimited, Excel, and fixed width imports
  • Database Browser: Added support for View Contents - Limit Results for SQLite, HSQLDB, and H2
  • Added an Edit -> Backup User Data menu option for backing up all user specific RazorSQL data such as preferences, connections, etc. to a zip file
  • Query Results: Added a locale specific number formatting option on the Edit -> Preferences -> Query Results screen


  • Associate File: If file is already open on an unconnected and unmodified tab, connect that tab instead of creating a new tab
  • Launch Edit Table Tool from query results: If the query is a select * query and all the results are retrieved, use the already retrieved results for editing instead of re-executing a new query
  • Edit Table Tool: Max rows to retrieve per table now use the connection profile specific max rows setting instead of the global max rows setting from the preferences
  • Edit Table Tool: Query to populate uses a apowermirror crack getintopc - Free Activators clause for certain databases to prevent retrieval of extra rows and improve performance

Bug Fixes

  • Connection Wizard: If profile is deleted, copied, or renamed, profile tree does not update immediately



  • Connection Wizard: Added a tree view for existing connection profiles for faster selection
  • Connection Wizard: Added the ability to categorize connections inside sub-folders
  • Added a columnEncryptionSetting configurable property for the MS SQL Server JDBC driver
  • DynamoDB: Added the ability to scan for values inside of Map columns. See https://razorsql.com/docs/dynamodb_sql_support.html for syntax details
  • Connection Process: Added the ability to associate a file to a connection profile. Whenever the connection profile is connected, the file will load in the SQL editor.


  • Salesforce: Updated API version to 45
  • Execute procedure tool - if procedure returns a result set, results are now displayed in the query results tab of the main window
  • Oracle: If DBMS Output is turned on, and query / statement does not return results but does return output, output is displayed in the query results section
  • Added ability to call SQL Server / Sybase functions that return a table via the Call Procedure Tool
  • Import Tool: Create Table from Import: If data values are decimal, will pre-populate decimal type with estimated precision and scale set on the create table window

Bug Fixes

  • MySQL and MariaDB: Column aliases not always appearing as column names in query results for queries that use aliases for the column names
  • Initial screen size may be larger than current screen for multiple monitor machines having monitors with different resolutions



  • DynamoDB: Added support for parallel scans with a comment hint syntax. For example, select /*parallel:5:100*/ * from table where id < 10000 5 is the number of parallel threads 100 is the max results returned per thread
  • Salesforce: Describe Table Tool: Added a Reference Table column to the Columns tab
  • Salesforce: Query Builder: Added the ability to add more than one table to select queries
  • Query Results: Create Table from Results: Added option to create table from results on another connection of the same database type


  • Edit Table Tool: Changed so that the table containing the table data always expands to the full size of the window and has a smaller minimum size
  • Auto Reconnect: If database is disconnected, and auto reconnection process works, set the selected database on the connection to the database at the time the connectio was lost instead of the database set on the connection profile
  • Salesforce: Added support for toLabel function in queries
  • PostgreSQL: Changed display of int2, int4, and int8 columns to smallint, integer, and bigint
  • The following files are now handled as zip files when opening: .odb. odf, and .odt



  • Added a Recent Queries (All Connection) option to the SQL menu
  • Added a Recent Queries (This Connection) option to the SQL menu
  • Firebird: Added a DB Tools -> Create -> Create Database tool
  • Firebird: Added the ability to create a new database when setting up a new Firebird connection


  • Added a preference to enable turning off storage of SQL history



  • Microsoft Access: Added the ability to create a new MS Access database using the Create New Database option when adding a new MS Access connection


  • MongoDB: Decimal values bigger than a certain value are no longer returned in scientific notation

Bug Fixes

  • Last record missing from edit table tool if user filters query results and then launches Edit Table Tool on query results
  • Right-click menu not working on editor tabs



  • Added a Connections -> Favorites menu. Connections can be set as a favorite either when RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U intially or when connecting by checking the Add to Favorites box


  • Mac Editor: For keyboards with HOME and END keys, Shift + Home and Shift + End now select to begin or end of line
  • Edit Table Tool: If multiple monitors, edit table tool is centered on screen of current monitor

Bug Fixes

  • DB2 to Oracle Database Conversion: Precision of decimal columns not always getting set to correct number
  • When saving an export data profile for a query, line breaks in the query getting lost



  • Query Results: Edit Query: Control or Command + U now executes the query in the text area
  • MySQL DDL Generator: Added support for generating on delete cascade and on update cascade clauses to alter table statements
  • MySQL to HSQLDB Database Conversion: Added support for on delete cascade and on update cascade clauses in alter table statements
  • Edit -> Preferences -> Fonts -> User Input / Messaging Font option now changes all messaging fonts and user input fonts
  • Added a prefernence to the Preferences -> Query Results tab called Horizontal Scroll Sensitivity to allow adjusting the horizontal scroll sensitivity of the query results


  • MySQL to HSQLDB Database Conversion: Primary key clause is generated in create table DDL for auto increment / identity columns
  • Main SQL Editor and pop-up editors: Focus can be transferred away from editors using control + tab
  • Query Results: Edit Query: Control tab can be used to switch from sql area to buttons without using mouse
  • MySQL Database Conversion: bit(1) columns now convert to bit(1) on HSQLDB
  • Database Conversion: When converting single tables, alter table statements are now generated in comments at the end of the conversion script

Bug Fixes

  • MySQL: When sql mode is in strict ANSI compliance, table keys not displaying
  • MySQL to HSQLDB Database Conversion: Identity columns not getting generated correctly in DDL
  • Edit Table Tool: If multiple monitors with varying resolutions, Edit Table Tool window may be too wide or too tall for the current screen
  • Interbase: Boolean type missing from create table type drop-down



  • Describe Tool: Added a view definition tab for views
  • PostgreSQL Database Browser: Added user-defined types under the Types node
  • PostgreSQL Database Browser: Added a Generate Table Grants option for tables and views
  • PostgreSQL: Describe Table/View Tool: Added a Grants tab
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server: Alter View: Now generates grant statements
  • Oracle Database Browser: Added a Generate Table Grants option for tables and views
  • Oracle: Describe Table/View Tool: Added a Grants tab
  • MySQL Database Browser: Added a Generate Table Grants option for tables and views
  • MySQL: Describe Table/View Tool: Added a Grants tab
  • MS SQL Server Database Browser: Added a Generate Table Grants option for tables and views
  • MS SQL Server: Describe Table/View Tool: Added a Grants tab
  • Firebird: DDL Generator: Added support for generating identities
  • HSQLDB: DDL Generator: Added support for generating identities
  • SQL Server and Sybase: If a procedure is executed that does not return results, but returns output, display the output in the query results
  • Salesforce: Added support for updating and inserting boolean values for CheckBoxes, etc.
  • Linux: Added a new shell script launcher to Linux for nonreparenting window managers


  • PostgreSQL: Updated JDBC driver
  • Linux: increased resolution of desktop / application menu icons
  • Export Tool: Redesigned export tool file selection flow
  • MonetDB Database Browser: Changed to use system queries to get tables, views, and functions instead of using driver calls
  • Changing the SQL editor font causes other text areas such as the preview pane on the import tool to use the changed editor font instead of the default font

Bug Fixes

  • PostgreSQL 10: If a schema is empty, tables may still be displayed in database browser
  • Editor right-click menu not displaying
  • Export Tool: Loading from Saved Profile: Wrap quotes box selection always set to true



  • Ingres: If comments in a query cause an error, RazorSQL will strip them
  • Added support for Java 10 and Java 11 to the Java compiler
  • Registration Screen now provides more information about license eligibility, upgrades, and archived downloads
  • Minor changes to Windows installers to improve performance



  • Added the ability to display results from multiple queries in the same tab via the Control / Command + 8 shortcut or the upward facing green arrow on the toolbar.
  • Mac: Added a dark mode look and feel option via the View RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U Dark Mode menu option
  • Cassandra: Datastax Driver: Added ability to set connect timeout and read timeout connection properties


  • Import Tool: More detailed error information when an error occurs and the one statement at a time option is checked
  • Cassandra: Datastax Driver: Set the connection timeout based on the value in the preferences
  • Query Results: If no column name or alias returned for query, column name given generic title

Bug Fixes

  • SQL Formatter: Ignore commas in parens not working correctly
  • DynamoDB count query not working



  • Import Tool: Added option to convert empty values to a null value instead of empty string
  • Added the ability to import SSL certificates via the Help -> Import SSL Certificate menu item


  • Import Tool: SQL Server: If values for bit columns are true or false, converted to 1 or 0
  • Ingres: Columns in database browser and describe tool now display in order of ordinal position
  • Query Results: Reduced horizontal scroll sensitivity
  • Query Results: When in edit mode, typing the escape key turns off edit mode
  • Export Tool: JSON Format: ampersand, single quote, greater than, and less than signs no longer use XML escape syntax

Bug Fixes

  • PostgreSQL Database Browser: For newer versions of PostgreSQL, expanding the Triggers node under Tables in the database browser does not show the triggers for the table
  • PostgreSQL: insert and delete statements with returning clause throwing an error
  • Command Line Export: JSON Format: Null values not supported
  • Favorites: Opening a file from favorites menu not working



  • Opening a file that may be certain types of database files prompts for whether to open or connect
  • Import Tool: Fixed width importer: Performance changes

Bug Fixes

  • Syntax Highlighting: Not able to change colors for the SQL syntax highlighting set



  • File System Browser and FTP / SFTP Browser: Added ability to sort by file type
  • Added print editor contents using web browser and print editor contents with line numbers using web browser options to the File -> Print menu
  • Added print query results using web browser and print RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U results with line numbers using web browser options to the File -> Print menu
  • Added the ability to open the same file in multiple tabs via the Edit -> Preferences -> Editor / GUI -> Allow Same File in Multiple Tabs preference


  • File -> Open: If a SQLite database is detected, prompts for whether to connect to the database or edit the database file in the editor
  • Upgraded DB2 driver to version 3.72. Now supports TLS version 1.2
  • Upgraded SQLite driver to version 3.23

Bug Fixes

  • Cassandra: Non-select statements with comments prior to the statement throwing errors
  • SQLite: Certain images / binary data / blobs are not getting displayed in hex value in query results causing potential hanging issues
  • MongoDB: When authentication is enabled, can't EF Commander 2021.09 Crack with Registration Key Free Download with role that doesn't have listDatabases / listCollections.
  • Salesforce: If a parent field referenced in the query has a null value and a child field referenced in the query has the same name as another field in the query, the value is getting set incorrectly



  • MySQL: Automatic handling of timezone errors for new MySQL driver
  • Mac: Editor: Decreased mouse drag sensitivity to allow double and triple clicks to highlight words
  • Updated local help documentation



  • Export Tool: Added ability for user to input a custom query for export
  • MySQL Create User Tool: Added support for MySQL 8 create user syntax


  • Import Tool: XLSX Importer: Changed time zone behavior to not do timezone conversion on date fields

Bug Fixes

  • Mac: Connection help links on the add connection profile screen require a double-click instead of a single-click



  • Redshift Database Browser: Added support for showing external tables via Redshift Spectrum
  • Salesforce: Added support for USING clauses in select queries


  • Increased the default query timeout from 300 seconds to 900 seconds
  • RazorSQL Plugins: Plugins now only load from the plugin directory under the user's home directory



  • Added support for the Snowflake database
  • Import Tool / Execute SQL Script: F.lux Full Download - Crack Key For U better support for importing / executing MySQL dump file formats
  • Import Tool / Execute SQL Script: Allow for embedded semi-colons in text when statement separator is semi-colon


  • Salesforce: Updated Salesforce API calls to version 43.0
  • SQL Editor: Added None as a syntax highlighting type



  • DynamoDB Export: Added ability to export tables / queries with very large result sets
  • Added preference for switching the caret to a block instead of a line
  • Added preference to turn on / off the blinking caret


  • DynamoDB: Increased max error retry value and network timeout settings

Bug Fixes

  • SQL Formatter: Not supporting keywords inside double quotes correctly
  • Import: Column information for table can get duplicated in certain situations
  • Tables with the same name but different case get duplicate columns on describe table for certain databases


Bug Fixes

  • SQL Server / SQL Azure: Indexes that are not in the default schema are not displaying in the database browser
  • Import Tool: Unable to retrieve column names for tables or schemas not in the default case of the database
  • kdb+: Edit Table Tool: Not generating insert, update, or delete statements correctly for numeric columns
  • If connecting to Athena before DynamoDB, the DynamoDB connection fails. To fix, re-create Athena connection
  • If connecting to Redshift using the Redshift driver before connecting to Dynamodb, an error occurs. To fix, re-create Redshift connection.
  • Call Procedure Tool: When wrap objects in generated sql preference is set to always, call procedure tool does not RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U in certain situations
  • SQL Server Database Conversion: parens are getting generated in default value clause in create table statement for databases that do not support parens in default value clauses



  • BigQuery: Added support for Google BigQuery databases
  • KDB+: Added support for the kdb+ database
  • MongoDB: Added support for connecting using SSL encryption
  • Redshift: Added support for entering AWS IAM credentials when connecting using the Redshift driver
  • Redshift: Added support for new Amazon Redshift drivers
  • Cassandra: Added a Create Keyspace / Create Schema tool
  • Cassandra: Included additional drivers in install
  • Firebird: Added ability to convert Firebird tables to the following database types: Access, DB2, H2, HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server
  • Added ability to adjust max rows per query setting to toolbar
  • Added an auto-backup process for connection profiles


  • Updated graphics runtime environments for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Upgraded MongoDB drivers to version 3.6
  • Upgraded MariaDB JDBC driver to version 2.2.3
  • Upgraded UCanAccess driver to version 4.0.4
  • Upgraded Redshift jdbc driver that gets installed via the auto-install process
  • Database Conversion: Empty but not null binary values are converted to null in database conversion inserts
  • Objects with a colon in the name now get automatically wrapped in generated SQL

Bug Fixes

  • Salesforce: Max number of rows returned not matching up with max results setting in certain situations
  • Ingres Generate DDL: column names not being returned in index DDL
  • Ingres Execute Procedure Tool: If procedure has not nullable OUT params, OUT params not getting populated in call response
  • PostgreSQL / Redshift: If view definition is not in information_schema, need to query pg_catalog to get view definition
  • MySQL via Amazon RDS: MariaDB driver. After running a query that produces a syntax error, subsequent queries fail
  • MS SQL Server: Importing unicode characters into nvarchar or nchar fields not prepending generated inserts with N' syntax
  • Salesforce: Max Results Per Query value getting ignored
  • MS Access Database Conversion: Date conversion from some databases getting length specific in create table statement for date fields
  • Firebird: Compound foreign keys not getting generated property in Generate DDL tool
  • Database Conversion: Conversion to Oracle timestamps including a size in the create table statements
  • Windows: Trying to delete a file via the File -> Open dialog causes RazorSQL to hang



  • Cassandra: Added support for the DataStax driver. Thrift protocol no longer needs to be enabled to connect
  • Cassandra Database Navigator: Added support for views for Cassandra version 3 and newer
  • Cassandra Database Navigator: Added option for running limit queries
  • FTP Client: Improved speed of FTP download and upload processes


  • SQL Server and Sybase: When using GO as a statement separator, it is no longer case sensitive
  • Database Navigator: Cassandra: Show all keyspaces not just the ones that have tables

Bug Fixes

  • FileMaker: Export, Edit Table Tool, and Generate Insert, Update, and Delete options on query results not generting date, time, and timestamp syntax correctly



  • H2 Connections: H2 driver can now be auto-installed
  • Derby Network Connections: Added option to create the database on connect if it does not yet exist


  • Query results binary data: Convert to hex now happens by default in query results unless convert to hex preference is manually unchecked
  • Drop Table and Truncate Table tools - Drop/Truncate statements are automatically regenerated when new table is selected

Bug Fixes

  • Ingres: Ingres procedure columns not recognized as inout or out in certain situations



  • Firebird: Added support for connecting to Firebird 3 databases without making wirecript configuration changes
  • Firebird: Added support for the binary data editor and image viewer for blob subtype 0 / blob subtype binary columns
  • Added support for Derby 10.14


  • Upgraded Firebird JDBC driver

Bug Fixes

  • Ingres: Procedure names not correct in certain situations
  • Row limit not supported with old versions of MySQL connector/j driver. RazorSQL now does not attempt to set row limits for old MySQL driver versions



  • Salesforce: Added row count option to Salesforce database navigator right-click / context menu
  • Salesforce: Added support for streaming Salesforce results to allow support for larger exports
  • DynamoDB and SimpleDB: Added support for AWS STS temporary credential session tokens for authentication
  • DynamoDB and SimpleDB: Added support for using AWS credentials files for authentication
  • SAP / Sybase ASE: Added ability to set NEWPASSWORD property on connections to change expired passwords


  • AWS Secret Key needs to be masked when adding a new connection profile
  • Athena JDBC driver download updated to latest version
  • MySQL: Updated reserved word list to support reserved words added in MySQL version 8

Bug Fixes

  • Oracle Packages with overloaded functions and / or procedures not supported correctly
  • Command Line Process: Connection via SSH tunnel not supported



  • Query Scheduler: Added ability to add date time onto generated file name
  • Sybase IQ / SAP IQ: Added support for autoincrement / identity columns to the generate ddl tool
  • Database Conversion: Added support for including default values in generated create table statements for MySQL, HSQLDB, Oracle, H2, and SQL Server


  • Sybase IQ / SAP IQ: Generate DDL generates create index statements that have many spaces after the index name
  • SQL Favorites Menu: Added sub-menus for instances when there are too many favorites defined to fit on the screen
  • Added several missing keywords to sql syntax files

Bug Fixes

  • If going from a multiple monitor setup to a single monitor setup, certain windows like the Find dialog may display offscreen
  • Mac: Dragging and dropping table and column names to the editor does not work after 7.4.5 release
  • SQL History: If multiple versions of RazorSQL are open, sql history may get overwritten
  • GenerateDDL and Database Conversion: If a table has multiple foreign keys referencing the same column on another table, generate ddl was combining the alter table statements for the foreign keys into one statement



  • Added ability to drag and drop files to editor for opening
  • Added ability to create and open file sets (File -> Open File Set) menu option for opening a set of files with one operation
  • Added ability to use the show create commands for procedures, functions, and triggers to the database navigator
  • Database Navigator: Enabled Generate DDL option in addition to the Edit option for functions, procedures, triggers, packages, and package bodies for supported databases

Bug Fixes

  • MS SQL Server: Generate View DDL / definition from a database other than the currently selected database or a schema other than dbo is limiting the view definition to the first 8000 characters
  • Query results column width not wide enough in certain situations when the last row displayed is the widest value
  • MS Access: Generate DDL should Magic Photo Recovery Registration key display a length for GUID columns
  • Switching editor tabs while queries are executing can cause the query results to be displayed in the wrong tab



  • Added Close Tab context menu option to query results tabs


  • SQLite: RazorSQL SQLite Driver changed to legacy status. Recommended to use SQLite JDBC Driver
  • SQL Server procedure editor - if file contains carriage return / line feed line break format, or if editor preference for line breaks is set to carriage return / line feed, the carriage returns are kept in the procedure text when sent to the database
  • FrontBase: Drop table syntax now includes restrict keyword at the end

Bug Fixes

  • FrontBase: With certain drivers, dropping an object will cause database navigator to not reload correctly
  • SQLite: Generate DDL does not generate View DDL for views with spaces or special characters in the name
  • SQLite: Alter option for Views in context menu of database browser not generating drop and create view statements
  • Auto-commit setting not retained when opening a new tab that shares the existing connection
  • High Resolution Monitors: Close icon on tabs right-edge not completely straight
  • Mac: High Resolution Monitors: Close icons not working on tabs



  • Added Redshift to database conversion tools


  • Direct3d graphics now enabled by default on Windows

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple monitors with vertical orientation or 3 plus monitors with mix of vertical and horizontal orientation, windows not always displaying on the correct monitor



  • Salesforce and DynamoDB Connection Setup: If there is a proxy server configured on the machine, RazorSQL will prompt for automatically connecting through the proxy server


  • Upgraded to version 1.11.248 of Amazon AWS JDK for DynamoDB connections
  • Added a work-around to enable connecting to Salesforce, SimpleDB, or DynamoDB over https thru a non-https proxy server
  • UI changes to make sure default buttons were set on windows that did not have a default button
  • Cleaned up local help documentation. Fixed missing / broken links for certain database specific help pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Downloading a driver file through a proxy server may cause subsequent connection attempts to time out
  • SQL Server: Explain plan does not work when using server side cursors (selectMethod=cursor) with MS SQL JDBC driver
  • SimpleDB and DynamoDB: Configure Proxy button does not show Proxy configuration window on the add connection window



  • RazorSQL now uses system proxy server settings for the driver auto-install / auto-download process to prevent download timeouts for users behind proxy servers
  • MonetDB: changed the way the set current schema call works to support old and new MonetDB drivers
  • MonetDB: changed the way the call to get columns for wise care 365 pro crack download - Crack Key For U table works to support old and new MonetDB drivers
  • Uncomment Tool: If multiple lines in the editor are selected, will remove comments from individual lines if they start and end with multi-line comment indicators



  • Added support for VoltDB
  • Added support for Druid
  • Added additional supported features for Apache Hive
  • Added support for Oracle XMLType to backup, conversion, data editing, and SQL and DDL generation
  • Salesforce: Added support for min, max, sum, and avg aggregate functions
  • Added a database selection drop-down to the toolbar for Apache Hive


  • Upgraded MonetDB JDBC driver that gets downloaded via the auto install process
  • Hive: Table names no longer returned as part of the column name in query results
  • Mac: Multiple files can now be selected when manually adding JDBC driver jar files



  • Added some preliminary support for Apache Hive


  • File System Browser path field font gets aligned with the File System Browser tree font if the tree font is changed

Bug Fixes

  • Quote and Double-Quote keys not usuable on US International Keyboard layout



  • Query Results filter rows and find all rows options no longer include empty rows in the results table
  • MonetDB: Unnecessary SQL warnings no longer displayed
  • High Resolution Display Changes: Added higher resolution desktop and taskbar icons, additional window sizing adjustments for better display

Bug Fixes

  • Salesforce queries with escaped single quotes throw an error when the query ends with a semi-colon



  • Added a drop schema tool for the following databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redshift, DB2, MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, Derby, HSQLDB, and H2

Bug Fixes

  • Add/Remove column buttons not working correctly on the Create Table Tool
  • Linux: Systems running Wayland may crash when displaying context menus
  • DynamoDB: When running a local and remote DynamoDB connection, table information cache is getting shared across the local and remote connection
  • Commit and Rollback toolbar icons not getting enabled or disabled correctly when auto-commit status is changed on the toolbar and multiple connections tabs are navigated to and from



  • MonetDB: Added schema drop-down on toolbar for changing the current schema
  • Increased the maximum number of files displayed in the recent files, recent directories, and file system browser goto directory menus
  • Added a Document End Line Break option to the Edit menu for taking the cursor to the end of the editor and inserting a line break to put the cursor at the front of the newly created last line


  • DB2: Large double numbers no longer show in scientific notation

Bug Fixes

  • MonetDB: Database name getting concatenated in front of schema name in generated queries
  • MonetDB: Mixed case / all upper-case tables not getting wrapped in quotes in generated queries



  • Windows: Added special RazorSQL launches for the following: Completely turning off hardware acceleration, running with direct3d graphics pipeline on, running with opengl graphics pipeline on

Bug Fixes

  • Mac: Copy Table Tool: Window freezing after executing the generated SQL script from within the copy table window



  • Linux: Added a Dark Mode look and feel option to the View -> Change Look and Feel menu


  • Added a default max rows value for Netezza and Greenplum
  • Upgraded Firebird JDBC driver to Jaybird version 3.0.2
  • Icons are no longer scaled to a larger size for high-resolution screens that do not have a operating system scaling value set
  • When connecting to a *.database.windows.net host for SQL Server or Azure, a database name is required
  • Database Conversion, Copy to Local Database: Alter statements are now generated / executed after insert statements



  • Windows: Added Dark Mode look and feel theme to the View -> Change Look and Feel menu
  • Added Pipe as an option for import delimiter in the command line import process and as a selectable character in import and export tool drop-downs
  • Find in Files: For finds occuring over a network drive, added logic to retry file access if network drive access is temporarily unavailable during find operation
  • Copy Table Tool: Added qualify table names option
  • Alter Table Tool: Added options to add NOT NULL constraints to change column type options for Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL Server


  • Changed commit, rollback, and view table icons
  • Database Navigator: Generate DDL: fully qualify table name in references call when generating alter table statement
  • Database Navigator: Copy Table: fully qualify table name in references call when generating alter table statement

Bug Fixes

  • Database Navigator: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Sybase ASE: Duplicate indexes displaying for indexes with more than one column in the index definition
  • Database Navigator: Generate DDL: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and Sybase ASE: Generate DDL option generates duplicate create index statements for indexes with multiple columns in the index definition



  • Windows: Added Windows Default Look and Feel option to the View -> Change Look and Feel menu. This option sets the look and feel to match the Windows default look and feel for the version of Windows being used
  • Added preference for whether to halt processing of result sets when an error occurs retrieving results. Default is set to true
  • Linux: The OpenGL graphics pipeline can be enabled using the View -> Enabled Advanced Graphics menu option. This is not recommended for most systems.


  • Windows: Direct3d graphics pipeline is now disabled by default. To enable, select the View -> Enable Advanced Graphics menu option
  • Range comment option adds a space at the after the beginning comment characters and before the ending comment characters. Using the Uncomment option does not remove the extra spaces

Bug Fixes

  • When manual text size scaling was set via the View menu, Menu font was not correct system font on Windows and Linux
  • Multiple Monitors: FTP Browser window always showing on main monitor



  • Oracle Package Body function navigator sorts functions and procedures in alphabetical order by the name
  • Windows: Upgraded to latest version of editor font to support additional unicode characters

Bug Fixes

  • PostgreSQL: Generate DDL with Functions option selected is not returning the function definitions
  • PostgreSQL: Backup Schema option not generating function contents
  • Font changes not staying in effect on high-resolution monitors



  • Mac: Changed default key hold behavior to repeating keys

Bug Fixes

  • Mac: Command keys and sometimes keyboard input stops working in certain situations



  • Amazon Athena: Improved performance of query builder load
  • Add Connection Screen: Added option to set max rows to display to all database and connection types
  • Add Connection Screen: Set a default, overridable max rows to display of 25000 RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U certain database types
  • Connection Screen: If max rows to display is not set, default to 25000 for MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora MySQL, and Redshift
  • The connection level max rows to display limit is not applied to export, backup, or other file based processes
  • In the Preferences, If the Query Results -> Max Rows to Retrieve Per Query value is set, this applies to all select queries including exports and backups. If the connection level max rows to display is set, that value takes precedence over the preference level value, but does not apply to exports or backups
  • Updated MariaDB driver to latest version to prevent Aurora MySQL connection timeouts in certain situations



  • DynamoDB: Added support for inserting / updating map data in json format
  • Enhancements for 4k resolution


  • Mac FTP / SFTP: Delete dialog can be hidden behind another dialog



  • Added support for SQL Azure Active Directory user / password authentication
  • Added support for SQL Azure Active Directory single sign-on for Windows users
  • Added support for HSQLDB / HyperSQL version 2.4


  • Reduce amount of logging for Salesforce and DynamoDB to prevent large log files


  • RazorSQL SQLite driver not recognizing primary keys correctly when columns are defined with tick marks surrounding the name



  • Added ability to enter a custom Salesforce.com URL via the environment drop-down when creating a connection
  • Added a mysqli_bridge.php page to the bridges folder under the installation directory that supports MySQL Bridge connections for PHP 7
  • Added a preference to the Query Results preference tab for replacing editor contents with the query used to generate the query results tab when switching query results tabs



  • Added support for filtering schemas in the database navigator for PostgreSQL
  • Upgraded to latest ucanaccess driver


  • DynamoDB: ListTables permission is no longer required for a successful connection
  • Vertica: Escape tables that have underscores for table meta data calls to improve performance

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple tabs sharing same connection - database is changed in the dropdown in one needs to also be changed in all the other tabs
  • PostgreSQL: update returning statement does not work
  • FTP Browser: Overwrite prompt hidden behind other dialog on certain systems



  • Added JSON as an option to the Export tool
  • Added JSON option to the command line export tool
  • Added table conversion to the command line tool
  • Added a delete all rows option to the Edit Table tool
  • Added tooltip text to the file names in the FTP browser


  • Database name is now required for EaseUS MobiSaver 7.7.0 Crack With Keygen [iPhoneAndroid] 2021 Azure connections
  • Edits in new window font on Edit Table Tool now matches the edit table tool / query results font
  • Trying to enter column selection mode in a file with potentially misaligned tabs gives warning with an option to create a new editor tab with tabs converted to spaces
  • Upgraded MariaDB driver to version 2.0.1

Bug Fixes

  • Dragging from 4k display to non-4k display causes window to turn black.
  • FTP Browser: File name width not getting calculated correctly leading to long file names getting cut off
  • Describe tool not working for tables with certain column types
  • MySQL keep alive query not getting set correctly when creating new connections
  • DynamoDB tables with more than one dot in the name throwing sql parsing error from database navigator operations
  • Connections -> View Print Output menu option not enabled for PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL raise / print information displaying duplicate messages in certain situations



  • Automatic application of Windows scaling percentage for text and icons when text and icon size are set to the defaults of Auto-Detect
  • Enhancements to make fonts, icons, etc. look better on 4k displays

Bug Fixes

  • If default syntax type is set in preferences RazorSQL 8.3.0 Activation Key - Crack Key For U something other than SQL, not always getting applied properly when opening new tabs



  • Improved memory efficiency of the compare process

Bug Fixes

  • XLSX files with empty lines at the end causing errors with the import tool
  • XLSX import - varchar column values getting .0 appended when values are numeric
  • View menu user-defined keyboard shortcuts getting lost when opening new tabs



  • Added support for the XLSX format for the command line export process
  • Added Azure Data Warehouse connection option for SQL Azure
  • Added support for mouse-based horizontal scrolling on Mac
  • Better support for SQL keywords in Salesforce queries


  • Upgraded HSQLDB driver to 2.3.4
  • Upgraded SQLite driver to 3.16
  • Upgraded sqlite3 command line program to 3.16

Bug Fixes

  • Icons and Text not getting scaled enough for Windows scaling above 150%
  • SQL Formatter window OK button requires mouse to execute - can't be executed with keyboard
  • Add Connection Wizard: When no existing database connection profile exist, the database type list is not getting the window focus
  • Fonts on preferences window not correct for scaling or when text size expanded
  • Query results search all option is not setting the view of the results table back to the first row



  • Added a View -> Font -> Reset Fonts to Default menu option and adding a reset fonts to default option in the preferences
  • Mac 64-bit: Included executable program within RazorSQL.app so command line programs can be run without any additional installs required


  • Changed default editor font size from 11 to 12
  • Xactly ODBC Driver: If query returns no rows, don't show error
  • Xactly: Drop-downs: Configure for schema support only - remove catalog/database options
  • Xactly: Don't perform operations on stale results or connections to prevent crashing

Bug Fixes

  • FTP client. Right-clicking on Mac with control plus click deselects the currently highlighted item
  • Mac 64-bit: Next tab and Previous tab shortcuts moving over two tabs instead of one
  • If screen resolution is made larger while RazorSQL is running, unable to resize window past original screen size
  • FTP Client: The progress bar on windows is not wide enough
  • MS SQL Server: Generate DDL is putting sizes on hierarchy_id columns
  • Query Results: Copy Results to Clipboard (No Column Names) option is including the column names in the copied text



  • Better support for windows display scaling
  • Added support for literal and binary strings over the maximum supported length by the database to be inserted via the Import tool - Import from a File of SQL Statements option if RazorSQL was used to generated the SQL file.


  • For newer versions of Cassandra, all defined keyspaces are displayed in the database navigator even if they do not have tables
  • Changed default icon and text size to auto detect
  • Mac 64-bit: Allow to run on less battery intensive graphics card for machines with two cards

Bug Fixes

  • Command Line Call Generator: Execute Option: Not generating command correctly when password override is left blank
  • Some code builders not working (HTML, C, etc.)



  • Added a quick connect box to the toolbar


  • Changed Xactly keep alive settings to prevent a crashing issue
  • Changed the way decimal values are retrieved for Xactly

Bug Fixes

  • HSQLDB / HyperSQL: Generate DDL and Alter view not working with newer versions of HSQLDB



  • Added support for Amazon Athena
  • Added support for Amazon Aurora MySQL compatible version
  • Added support for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL compatible version
  • Added support for Derby 10.13 to the auto-install driver process
  • Added several default, configurable connection properties for the MariaDB driver
  • For databases that RazorSQL has auto-download configured for drivers, added option for re-installing drivers after they were already downloaded / installed
  • Added a Tools -> International Editor option for more easily typing languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean


  • Changed default driver for MySQL to the MariaDB driver
  • Upgraded to version 1.5.5 of the MariaDB driver
  • SQL Server jtds driver: default to useNTMLV2 when not otherwise set and using domain security

Bug Fixes

  • Cassandra: Selecting against smallint and tinyint bandicam activator is not working
  • Create function syntax for Amazon Redshift is not correct
  • Mac: Find/Replace command window not allowing editing when keyboard input is set to certain languages other than English.
  • Mac: Certain keyboard shortcuts executing twice when keyboard input is set to certain languages other than English



  • Changed threading behavior for SQL Server ODBC connections
  • Changed threading behavior for CacheDB ODBC connections

Bug Fixes

  • Configure connection properties option does not support values with ~ or user driverLocation

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    Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16428

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    Mozilla Firefox 33.1.1 Final

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    SpeedyFox 2.0.8 Build 72

    Web Browse Optimizer v2.0.0.1 Final

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    URLBase v6.1.0.1130 Pro

    URLProtocolView 1.15


    Internet TV & Radio


    RadioGet Ultimate


    RadioSure 2.2.1036.0

    SAM Broadcaster STUDIO 2014.5

    Mail & SMS Tools

    23 :

    Becky Internet Mail 2.68.00

    Bulk SMS Sender 2.8

    BulkSender Pro v2.9.1

    Dr Email Verifier 4.2

    Email Marketing Bulk Mailer v8.4

    Fast Mailer Pro v7.0

    IncrediMail Plus v2.5 Build 6.6.0 5273 Final


    Koma-Mail 3.83

    Kristanix Software Email Sender Deluxe 2.35

    MaxBulk Mailer Pro v8.3.9

    Mozilla Thunderbird 31.1.2 Final

    SMS Deliverer Enterprise Standard 2.1.2


    SMSCaster E-Marketer CDMA Enterprise 3.7.1784

    The Bat Professional 6.4.6

    Venta4Net Plus Retail

    Maps Downloader

    6 :

    Allallsoft Google Satellite Maps Downloader 7.22

    Google Maps Downloader 7.605

    Offline Map Maker 5.02

    SoftOnPc Google Satellite Maps 7.37

    Messenger Tools

    27 :

    AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

    CoolwareMax MSN Slide Max

    MSN Messenger

    Foryoursoft Messenger Detect v4.0.5.1

    Gizmo5 4.0.5 (v400)

    ICQ 8.2 Build 6971 Final

    ICQ ()

    LAN Messenger 1.2.35

    LanToucher Messenger v1.6

    LINE Calls & Messages

    Miranda IM 0.10.24 Final


    MSN Recorder Max


    Nimbuzz 2.9.1

    Yahoo ,Google Talk ,Facebook ,Myspace .

    ooVoo Final


    PidginIM 2.10.10

    Skype Final

    Softros LAN Messenger 6.3.5

    Trillian Pro 5.5 Build 17

    AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo IRC

    TSR LAN Messenger


    Viber Desktop Calls & Messages

    Yahoo! Messenger Final

    Network Tools

    125 :

    Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 9.5.2014

    Advanced HostMonitor Enterprise 9.86

    Advanced IP Address Calculator 1.1


    Advanced IP Scanner 2.3.2161 Final


    Advanced Port Scanner 1.3


    CafeSuite v3.59.0 Final

    CCProxy 8.0 Build 20140830


    Change MAC Address 2.8.0

    MAC Address

    Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 3.1.02040

    Cisco Network Magic Pro Edition 5.5.9195.0


    Cisco Speed Meter Pro v1.3.9052

    Classroom Spy Professional Edition 3.9.18

    CoffeeCup Website Access Manager v4.0.214

    DameWare NT Utilities

    Easy Net Switch 6.7.0

    Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor Pro 5.9.359

    EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise

    EMCO Network Software Scanner

    EMCO WakeOnLan Free


    Essential NetTools 4.3.0 Build 270

    FabulaTech USB over Network 4.7.5 Final


    HainSoft LanHelper v1.99

    HT Employee Monitor

    HttpWatch Professional 9.1.13


    IDEAL Administration 14.7

    IEInspector HTTP Analyzer


    Internet Lock 6.0.4

    LAN Search Pro unhackme registration code free - Free Activators LAN

    LAN Speed Test v3.4.0


    LogMeIn Hamachi Final

    Maxidix HotSpot 14.9.22 Build 130


    Maxidix IP Switcher v14.09.14.550


    Maxidix Wifi Autoconnection 14.9.14

    Wi-Fi .

    Maxidix Wifi Suite 14.9.22 Build 720


    Mobile Net Switch 4.20


    MyHotspot 13.0 Final


    MyLanViewer 4.17.5

    LAN IP .

    Net Monitor for Employe

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