Amazing slow downer online

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amazing slow downer online

Amazing Slow Downer Radio India – Radio India FM & AM: Listen Live Indian Radio Stations Online + Music and Talk Stations. The latest version of Amazing Slow Downer is 4.1 on Mac Informer. the speed of the resulting sound file before sharing it online. Added to this, you will know other totally free online gear changers at the For its part, Amazing Slow Downer lets you play back the part of the song.

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Amazing slow downer online -



Paul Cabri Guitar Studio offers online lessons to students anywhere in the world and in person instruction at my Brooklyn Heights location. Lessons are available for children, adults & seniors. Beginner and intermediate students welcome. I offer 30, 45, and 60-minute lessons. House call lessons are also available in certain areas around Brooklyn and Manhattan for an additional fee but not in places that require traveling long distances, also time slots for these lessons are very limited.

My goal is to give students a solid foundation on the guitar as well as a better understanding of music, so they can develop the versatility to play whatever style of music they wish. Areas of concentration available are rock, pop, blues, jazz, and folk guitar as well as flat-picking and fingerstyle techniques. Students can learn how to read music (and/or tab), understand theory, improvise, expand their chord vocabulary, develop different strumming patterns, strengthen their sense of rhythm, improve their technique, and learn songs they want to play. 

For more information, write to:

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"Paul Cabri's approach to learning guitar is characterized by patience, methodical practice of the fundamentals, and understanding of a broad range of musical styles. If you want to play like your favorite classical, jazz, blues, or rock musicians, Paul listens to your musical influences and helps shape your talent as encouragement to finding your own voice. As a
performing artist in clubs all over NYC, I still incorporate techniques I learned from Paul."

Charles Park, Guitarist from Audio Fiction

"I recommend Paul Cabri, who has a patient demeanor and has been a wonderful teacher to my son, Alex. "

Stephanie Caloir

Paul Cabri has been the perfect guitar teacher for my son. My son started electric guitar with Paul when he was 8 and is now 10 years old and loves playing. Paul taught him some theory, reading and technique all while learning to play cool rock licks. Thumbs up for Paul! - Pros: Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Good communicator

Elissa Moser Linowes

My 15-yr-old (a sophomore instrumentalist @ LaGuardia High School, in part thanks to Paul) has been with Paul since he was 8. From the first day Paul spoke to him, clearly and matter-of-factly, as a musician. Paul provides great support for auditions and other performances, allowing for their importance without adding any pressure or forgetting the fun parts of playing. And, maybe most importantly, Paul really takes his students where they want to go: my son is a jazz and blues guitarist, but the girl who first told us about Paul is a pop and rock bassist. As for the business side, Paul is always professional and reliable, his rates are reasonable, and we love that he comes to us. His timing for lessons is very flexible, which works great for us, but if you run on a tightly fixed schedule, just be aware. Paul has helped my son develop a great sense of musicianship, and pleasure and confidence in his abilities. I recommend him whole-heartedly. - Pros: Engaging, Encouraging, Patient, Good communicator

Melinda Burke

Paul is a wonderful teacher. Paul is patient, persistent, perceptive and persuasive. He not only has developed our daughter's skills but he's encouraged her artistic growth. He knows when to challenge and when to encourage. We feel very fortunate to have him teach our child. - Pros: Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator

Ruth M.

Paul is an extra ordinary instructor. My daughter has been a student for the past 4 years and she would not change him for all the tea in China. She loves classical music and he has nurtured this love, taught her to read music sheets and has been a great source of inspiration. Listening to him hum and sing along as she plays is a beautiful thing. He is a treasure . - Pros: Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Patient, Fun, Good communicator

Cheryl Gelbs

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The Amazing Slow Downer

Dolmetsh Online Resources 
(music dictionary & theory courses)

Good Ear (free online ear training)

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LJS 69: 4 Awesome Tools For Jazz Musicians

Welcome to episode 69 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about 4 awesome jazz tools for jazz musicians. These are tools and resources that we personally use that help us in our jazz studies and practice sessions. Listen in!

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When it comes to becoming a better jazz musician, you need to be spending time in the practice room honing your craft and going out there and playing. There are no short cuts! No amount of gear, technology, books, or any other kind of tool can replace that.

But sometimes a healthy dose of technology and tools can be really helpful in your practice sessions or jazz studies. Today Brent talks about some tools and resources that he likes to use and have helped him in his jazz studies. These can help you too!

In this episode

  1. Drum Trainer Online

    Drum Trainer Online is a completely free online metronome that has a Tempo Trainer and a Speed Trainer. It’s a flexible tool that can help you build up your time feel, rhythmic sense, and technical ability. Find it at

  2. Smalls Live

    Smalls jazz club in New York City streams every show they have every night of the week on their website and Facebook Live. In addition, their sister club, Mezzrow, streams their shows. For a small monthly subscription fee, you can also access their entire audio/video archive of over 11,000 shows that have been recorded at Smalls since 2007. This is an amazing tool for listening to world-class jazz music regardless if you have local access to it or not. Visit

  3. Amazing Slow Downer

    A great practice is to learn jazz solos by ear. But sometimes a tricky or fast passage can be hard for your ears to latch on to. Amazing Slow Downer is a really great slow downer software and app. Find it in your app store on iPhone or Android or download the software at

  4. Jam of The Week

    Jam of The Week is a Facebook group where you are asked to post videos of you jamming to a particular jazz standard. As of today there are currently 50,000+ members in the group. This is a great place to be inspired by other musicians, be encouraged to practice, and get some feedback from other musicians in a safe place. Go to their Facebook group and subscribe.

Listen to episode 68: How to Compose a Jazz Solo From Scratch

Mentioned in the show

30 Days to Better Jazz Playing eCourse

A 30-day audio eCourse that walks you through focused, goal-oriented practicing, where you will be working on things that actually improve your jazz playing.

What tools and resources do you like to use? Leave us a comment below.

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